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Since we live in a time where 576.000 new pages are created every day worldwide and it is estimated that there are currently less than 2 billion of them, finding a page with information about what we need can be very difficult. Because of this reason, most people, in search of the necessary information or product, turn to search engines, most often to Google, and ask for it. Google processes around 8.5 billion searches for information every day and thanks to the displayed results, people find pages that will give them the answers they are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you typed in Google ‘the best pizza in town, ‘how to dress for a wedding when I am a guest’ or ‘which flour goes into pancakes’, you will quickly find the answer in one of the offered pages.


Therefore, digital marketing can’t work without the use of search engine results. However, since the majority of Internet users generally bypass search engine ads that appear before the real results, the goal of all those involved in advertising is to win the best possible position in the organic search engine results. The only real way to achieve that is with the help of search engine optimization – SEO and applying several SEO techniques that will contribute to a higher ranking of your website.


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Everyone who has a page on the Internet wants it to be found, seen, and visitors to come back. Regardless of whether you have a small restaurant and the site serves you to show off your novelties on the menu or you are a large e-store with thousands of products, we all have the same goal – to attract as many visitors as possible. Depending on the quality of the site, visitors become users of services or customers of products. By applying some secret SEO techniques that have proven successful, you can be sure you will rise to the top.


5 Techniques To Improve Website SEO


By realizing the importance of high positioning of your products on the Internet, it’s advisable to hire a reliable Brisbane SEO agency, which will be in charge of the optimization of your website. That way, you will be able to focus on other aspects of the operation, while leaving the worries about SEO to Brisbane SEO agency professionals.


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Several methods should be applied to contribute to better SEO optimization of your website. Take a look at some techniques that every successful Brisbane SEO agency applies in its work. We have highlighted them as the most important for better visibility of your website.


1.   Use Alt Tags


Secret number one by which every successful Brisbane SEO agency swears is the use of Alt Tags.


The alt tag is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to provide a text alternative to search engines. Applying alt tags to images, such as product photos, can positively impact your search engine results page.


Search engines and other robots cannot interpret or understand the meaning of images, although images can play a key role in how a particular web page is interpreted. Alt tags solve this by providing a textual description that search engines can understand. The alternative (alt) text offers you another possibility to include the target keyword. Since on-page keyword usage still matters as a search engine ranking factor, it’s in your best interest to create alternative text that describes the image and, if possible, includes the keyword or keyword phrase you’re targeting.


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Alt tags are also useful for users viewing the web page on screen readers or in browsers that cannot process images. Quality Brisbane SEO agency simply knows how to use alt tags to provide better search results.


You can write good alt text by relying on the following SEO techniques when they come to the proper use of alt tags:


  • Make a more specific description of the image as possible
  • Keep the alt text within 125 characters
  • Focus on writing descriptive alt text and include the target keyword if it is possible
  • Do not use the image as text, because search engines can’t read the text in your images
  • Do not use words such as: ‘picture of’ or ‘image of’ in the alt text


2.   Optimize Your Website Page Speed


Secret number two of every Brisbane SEO agency is page speed optimization.


Site optimization isn’t complete if the page loading speed factor of a website is ignored. Visitors to your site will be more satisfied and will have a better user experience if you have paid attention and done all the necessary things related to optimization to make the site load faster.


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No matter how well the site is designed and contains content that meets the needs of the user, all of this falls into the water if the website loading speed is slow. A large percentage of users do not even wait for the site to load and see its content if it is going slower than normal.


Why page speed is such an important SEO technique?


Positioning of a site on Google is often based on a combination of algorithms of dozens of small factors. Therefore, although the speed of the pages on the site belongs to the less important factor, even a small boost and improvement in that direction can be beneficial for the site. You shouldn’t be obsessed with the page loading speed and do some things at any cost. But it would be good to devote some time to it and do SEO optimization in that sense or to allocate part of the budget from your SEO campaign to speed up the site. Page Speed ​​is also one factor that is completely within your control so it is wise to optimize for that ranking factor.




Do you feel the need for speed? Here are some SEO techniques how to improve the loading speed of the site pages:


Step 1: Measurements and checks

Step 2: Upgrade to better hosting.

Step 3: Optimize your code and files.


3.   Use Sitelinks


Sitelinks are the kings of all Google Ads extensions and are considered the most versatile ad plugins. They’re useful for Google Ads accounts of all sizes and types, appear on all devices, and advertisers can use them to take advantage of the opportunity to say something smart! This is the reason site links are secret number three for all Brisbane SEO agencies.


Sitelinks are additional links in Google Ads that take users to separate landing pages so they can take the desired action. For example: Check out the fall action, Buy X product, About us, and so on.


Sitelinks offer users additional click-through options, meaning that instead of choosing one landing page, you can like two or more. Google determines how many site links will be displayed, but usually, it’s between two and six.


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We have singled out some SEO techniques when it comes to better use of site links, that every Brisbane SEO agency follows. You are recommended to apply them because it can be crucial for your business to be highly presented online.


–  Sitelinks must be short and sweet

–  Use site links for time-sensitive offers

–  Don’t set them and then forget them

–  Avoid creating account-wide site links

–  Try enhanced site links


4.   Repurpose And Diversify Old Content


When you’re struggling to come up with new content, it’s worth looking back at older blog posts and other content delivered in different formats. For example, are there older posts that need updating? Perhaps the infographic you posted could be expanded into a more detailed article. This can speed up content production because you’ve already done the initial research.


Content repurposing is the secret to how Brisbane SEO agencies never run out of content ideas.


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Once you’ve made dozens or hundreds of blog posts, you can start filling your editorial calendar by republishing older blog posts with revised information. This is especially the case if you find strategic blog posts dropping in rankings and want to retain search engine traffic for that blog post.


Repurposing your old content is a contribution toward better distribution in the future. But you should also know that simply copying and pasting some content from your blog to any social media is not content repurposing.


5.   Build Topic Authority


Topic authority is actually how much Google will trust your site to answer when someone searches about a certain topic. This authority is built by making sure that your site corresponds with certain queries within a specific topic, and that it has a bigger amount of content on this topic in comparison with another site.


Let us clarify the meaning of topic authority in the following way. Imagine that there are two different sites. The first one is about restaurants with foreign cuisine in Australia’’, with sections about the Chinese restaurant, Italian restaurants, and Spanish restaurants. The second one is about ‘Chinese restaurants in Australia’, and therefore has many more articles about Chinese food topics. When someone is making an online search about the best Chinese food in Australia, the second site will have more topical authority, because Google trusts it more with Chinese food-related queries.


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You can notice that the search result for a query about Chinese food in Australia is a site devoted to Chinese restaurants in Australia-related content. Thus, the second website is understandable to have a higher topic authority about the best Chinese food in Australia.


Here are some SEO techniques to build topic authority for your website:


  • Do keyword research to build a strong content cluster. Start with low competition keywords for smaller sites to see quick successes, but do not avoid high competition keywords further
  • Use the alphabet soup technique to find more keywords for your topic. It begins with the first part of your keyword, then alphabetically as it follows, by adding a, b, c, d, and e after that.


However, when it’s come to improving topic authority, it can be useful to rely on a quality Brisbane SEO agency, because they are particularly specialized in this field. They use state-of-the-art SEO techniques to build a strong topic authority of your content.


Final Thoughts


Finally, it is important to know that SEO is not a one-time process and once you do it, you are at peace. The most famous search engine, Google, is constantly updating its SEO guidelines. It was recently decided that pages that are not responsive (do not adjust depending on the device) will be ‘punished’ with a lower position on the search engine. So, everyone who wants to stay on the first page of a search engine must apply the above SEO techniques or even hire a quality Brisbane SEO Agency for more specific and advanced SEO techniques.


Don’t forget the most important thing – you make pages for people, not for search engines.

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